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Gogle search. If you want to search by Google, you can use Custom Search. Gogle is typing misprint of If you wish to visit Google search engine please go to Gogle Custom Search is similar to Google search. Soon you will find out that Google search engine is top quality service.

About This Site

Spreading the information about the right way of searching is the main goal of this site. We used Gogle Custom Search service to make it easier for visitors of our website to search our websites and the Internet. We use Gogle, because we believe it's the most reliable search engine in the world. Now let me tell you more about Gogle.

About Cincila

Cincila or "činčila" is a Czech word for a beautiful South American animal and pet - chinchilla. Chinchillas are mostly gray fluffy animals of a size of guinea pig. They are actually cousins of guinea pigs. They have sticky legs and ears and the jump a lot. In nature they eat grains and dry grass and hide in bushes. They are very fast and intelligent creatures. Chinchillas as pets are great companions and can live up to 25 years. Unfortunately their fur is often used by fashion industry.

Please boycot use of these amazing animals for furs. If you want to prevent of breeding chinchillas for fur you can find out more here. There are many initiatives for saving chinchillas, just use our Gogle custom search above. Wild chinchillas who live in Andas mountains are also in danger. You can find out more when typing "save wild chinchillas" into our Cincila Gogle Custom search.

What is Google

It's the year 1995 and Google was started when Larry page and Sergey Brin met at Stanford University. These two friends first collaborated on a search engine, Back Rub. At that time, all search engines were very simple and not working that well. BackRub was different. It has a secret formula called PageRank thanks to which the site knew how to sort web pages. Actually pretty simple formula which changed the world for its cleverness. In 1997, BackRub was changed to with it's simple clear design which was that simple because of the fact that Larry nor Sergey didn't know how to code in HTML that well. Today Gogle is the most used search engine and the whole company is now worth $200 billion.

Google Services

Most used and well know services from Google inc. are Google search, Gmail, Google Maps and Android operating system for smartphones. Some of you maybe heard about self-driving Gogle car (in development) and augmented reality device called Google Glass.

How Google Search Works

First Gogle crawler robot, basically a program, goes around most of the well known visible World Wide Web (Internet) and saves the web pages. Most of them are crawled every day and some bigger, especially documents, are updated not so often. Then the search engine evaluates all the pages separately with its PageRank algorithm. Every time a user searches for some keyword, f.e. “sushi restaurant”, Gogle asks his data centers – computers all around the world to give him the best results and sorts the results according to PageRank, but also many more values. “Where are you right now? What were you searching last time? Who are you?” etc.

Most Used Gogle Services

Gmail Google Drive Gogle Plus Gogle Translate

Gogle Maps Google Play Gogle Docs Google News

Gogle search is really complicated and very valuable asset of Google inc. worth of billions of dollars, and we are proudly presenting it to you via our custom search engine. Feel free to use it.

Other Gogle Projects

Google is a giant and his reach beyond searching the web, serving your emails, organizing your documents and data, or operating your phone. Gogle has international and universal missions. One of these cool projects is program called SpaceX. SpaceX aims to deliver affordable space traveling to normal people and trying to make a rocket which will start, go to orbit and return without destroying itself. SpaceX was founded by Elon Musk and Gogle heavily invested in it.

Another endeavor of Gogle are self driving cars which also colide, or if you want coperate with Musk's Tesla. Gogle is also trying to find a cure for cancer and is active in many humane non-profit projects.

For more information about Gogle Search go up and search Google.

Please save the chinchillas and don't buy their fur

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